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  * Dry Built Self-Interlocking System
  * Simple and Quick Construction
  * Unsurpassed Aesthetics Planter Pockets
  * Maximum Height 22 meters
An environmentally friendly, and strong stability Betoconcept~Betotitan
Retaining Wall and Sea Defence Wall System that lasts ...infinitely.

UNESCO Office at Mt.  Kinabalu Park, Sabah.

Betotitan Retaining Wall was built in the year of 2008 to support the  slope of  UNESCO office.

This building and Retaining Wall had encountered earthquake with a moment magnitude of 6.0 on 5 June 2015.

A Beautiful and Greenery Wall that is contrast to artificial look of concrete block wall.
~**In early 2008, Sabah Park Authority built its Station office at the coastal shore of Pulau Bohey Dulang, a marine resort island.

Soon after the Station office was built, serious shore erosion was noticed, sand under the building was drifting away, and the footing of the pillars were exposed due to the erosion. If continued erosion it might cause the building to collapse anytime.

Pulau Bohey Dulang is situated 23.5km away from mainland Semporna, the coastal sea front water of this island is very shallow and only reachable by boat. There is only one small jetty, mainly for passengers embarkment and disembarkment. It was not easy to bring in heavy equipment and material such as big stones and large concrete slabs to the island by sea.

Thence, Sabah Park decided to install Betotitan sea defence wall to prevent further erosion, as the system could be easily transported to the island and its simplicity installation, which could be done even by unskilled workers

After installation of Betotitan sea defence wall, sand was eventually moving back at the front and the back of the Betotitan sea defence wall. As at February 2016 sand deposited was as high as 400mm to 450mm and the Station office building stand intact.